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I am the company's mineral processing equipment like a large green intelligent direction

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  China belongs to the developing countries. The same mineral processing equipment is also in the development process, although China has been on the underground space has a certain scale to develop and use, but far from meeting the needs of development, the enterprises need to continue innovation, continuous research and development of new mineral processing equipment products, To keep up with the pace of the times to meet the requirements of our customers.

  Mineral processing equipment machinery industry development space is great, but any mineral processing equipment technology development process is continuous, step by step. Therefore, we should comprehensively examine the development trend of domestic and foreign mining equipment and mining production and construction, adhere to the scientific concept of development, and gradually become bigger and stronger, low risk to steady progress, access to better economic and social benefits.

  I mineral processing equipment manufacturing industry in the next 10 years, should be large-scale, green and intelligent development direction, and the world's advanced countries. In order to make me mine mining equipment as soon as possible catch up with foreign advanced level, should actively listen to customer comments, continuous improvement and innovation to produce customers need the mineral processing equipment.

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