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The Importance of Mineral Processing Technology

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  The use of physical or chemical preparation of mineral raw materials in the useful minerals and unwanted minerals (usually called gangue) or harmful minerals separated, or a variety of useful minerals separated by the process, have to operate the beneficiation. Products, the useful ingredients of the enrichment of the said concentrate; useless ingredients known as tailings; useful ingredients between the concentrate and tailings, the need for further processing said the mine. Metal mineral concentrates are important as raw materials for the extraction of metals from the smelting industry; non-metallic mineral concentrates are the raw materials of other properties; the selected products of coal are clean coal. Mineral processing can be significantly ahead of the quality of mineral raw materials, reduce transport costs, reduce the further processing of the hard, landing processing costs, and mineral raw materials can be integrated dominance. As the world's minerals are increasingly embarrassing today, more and more dominate the rich ore and complex ore, is the need for mineral processing of the amount of ore is getting bigger and bigger. In addition to the majority of ore-rich, metal and non-metal (collecting mineral processing from the processing of coarse-grained materials to fine-grained materials, from the processing of simple ore to complex ore, from the pure operation of the physical preparation to the operation of the preparation of chemical chemistry and chemical growth process At the beginning,

  Ore enrichment of useful components to reduce smelting or other processing of fuel, transportation and other damage, so that low-grade rich ore can get economic dominance. The data obtained from the commissioning of mineral processing is an important basis for the evaluation and construction of the deposit.

  People with manual selection; later, with a simple panning tools from the river gravel was selected metal minerals. China's early mineral processing in Hubei, is to dominate the mineral nature of the material or the nature of the differences between the physical and chemical properties, but does not change the mineral chemical composition of the physical selection process, mainly for the treatment of metal ore, called "ore sorting." Later expanded to non-metallic mineral raw materials of the sort, called "mineral selection." Later, the process of accepting chemical preparation to accept the useful ingredients of mineral raw materials, but also into the mineral processing.

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