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Trouble Shooting of Hammer Crusher

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  Fault one: vibration

  1, crusher and motor mounted different shaft.

  Solution: Correct and adjust to the technical requirements for installation.

  2, the rotor does not balance

  Solution: Rearrange the ring hammer.

  3, the feed block is too large

  Solution: control the amount of material.

  4, bearing or seat nut loose

  Solution: carefully check, tighten in time.

  Fault 2: reduced production

  1, the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate is too large

  Solution: Adjust the spring bolts.

  2, ring hammer wear

  Solution: repair or replace ring hammer.

  Failure three: the machine appears abnormal sound

  1, can not break the material or metal into the crushing chamber

  Solution: clean up the crushing chamber.

  2, internal parts activities

  Solution: carefully check, tighten in time.

  3, internal parts broken

  Solution: carefully check, replace the broken pieces.

  4, the rotor and sieve plate collision

  Solution: Adjust the gap between the rotor and the screen.

  Fault four: bearing temperature is too high.

  1, lack of grease

  Solution: Add grease.

  Hammer crusher pulley hub and with the matching head, keyway, often wear conditions. After the problem, the traditional method to use the hub reaming, repair welding machine repair spindle head and keyway size. But the heat stress generated by the high temperature welding can not be completely eliminated, in the operation prone to broken shaft, causing a major accident. And the demolition, repair welding, machining not only increase the labor intensity of workers, but also a waste of a large number of valuable production time. Western countries use polymer composite materials on the hammer crusher wear on-site repair, which is the most mature application of the blessing blue technology. The use of polymer materials, free demolition, free processing site repair, low maintenance costs, short cycle, greatly reducing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel; its excellent mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, will not produce high temperature stress, fully meet Equipment operation requirements. While good plasticity, to ensure that the shaft and the hub with 100% contact surface contact, to avoid the possibility of another gap, a good completion of the hammer crusher failure repair.

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