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Three Fast and Effective Methods for Wastewater Treatment in Mineral Processing Equipment

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  Mineral processing equipment in the wastewater treatment should take the physical and chemical the right way, because the wastewater content is complex, and the amount of waste water will be relatively large, the first design to take appropriate measures. At present, most of the beneficiaries of the mineral processing equipment in the treatment of wastewater treatment or the use of tailings self-purification method, or the use of coagulation sedimentation approach to meet the requirements of a large number of customers, our company as far as possible with easily degradable foaming agent Instead of the stability of the good pine oil, and the treatment of mineral processing equipment in the water as much as possible to return to use, broken a small amount of waste water using coagulation sedimentation, biodegradation, oxidative decomposition, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis and activated carbon adsorption Processing.

  [1] sedimentation method precipitation. - (gravity settling) is the use of suspended particles gravity, when the gravity exceeds the role of their inertial force and viscous force, the particles began to settle. Gravity test drop is the simplest and most widely used method of precipitation in mineral processing equipment. It is used in concentrating and clarifying concentrate, tailings and slime during the sedimentation process. The method is also widely used in wastewater treatment of mineral processing equipment The

  [2] floating method precipitation. - (floating method precipitation) the use of buoyancy in the water or oil and water separation process called floating method. It is the most commonly used method for the treatment of fine-grained materials in mineral processing equipment. It can be floated by using natural floating, or it can also use air or other gases as a carrier to reduce the proportion of fine-grained materials in the dressing equipment.

  [3] filter precipitation - (filtration precipitation) so that suspended solids through the porous material, to achieve solid-liquid separation process called filtration is called filtration precipitation. Filtration can be divided into two categories: filter cake and clarify the filter. Filter cake is a solid suspension in the filter material on the surface, in the form of cake was blocked, the filter cake has been formed with the filter together, continue to retain the later suspended matter. Two: clarification filter, also known as granular layer filter, is sand, anthracite, garnet and other granular materials for the filter material, suspended particles in the granular layer of the surface and the internal gap was left to get clarified filtrate. Filter cake is used for solid-liquid separation with higher volume concentration (greater than 1%). The main purpose is to increase the solid concentration and reduce the water content. Clarification Filtration applies to thin suspensions (less than 0 0%) for the purpose of obtaining orange water.

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