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Maintenance of fluorite crusher

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  Guide: fluorite ore crusher maintenance, can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, machinery and equipment to maximize the productivity and the longest life. Benefit maximization is the hope of every entrepreneur, but also the quality of production of mineral processing equipment production test, if you want to achieve this goal, in addition to regular fluorite crusher maintenance, but also in the operation of the equipment in the process Follow the steps on the instructions. This page will tell you how to maintain the crusher and the essentials of the crusher.

  This article "fluorite mine crusher maintenance" by the Zhengzhou mountains Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to provide

  The importance of maintenance of fluorite crusher

  The maximization of corporate interests is the hope of every entrepreneur. In the production process of fluorite ore production line, in addition to maintaining all the components of the fluorite ore production line, the quality of fluorite production line equipment is also important, according to Zhengzhou mountains Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Li Jingli previous sales statistics, China has thousands of fluorite ore processing enterprises, fluorite ore production line close to 2000, most of which enterprises fluorite production line equipment replacement is particularly frequent, resulting in reduced production continuity, Business interests can not be maximized, one of the earliest reasons is the low quality of procurement equipment, workers do not grasp the technology is high, and maintenance is not timely. So the importance of maintaining the equipment and the purchase of equipment is equally important.

  Crusher maintenance steps (fluorite ore crusher maintenance essentials)

  Fluorite mine crusher before the start of the note:

  First of all: the crusher in the start before the test need to carefully check the fluorite crusher bearing part of the lubrication state, take a look at the lubrication situation is good, but also look at the bearing liner liner grease content is sufficient to ensure that the most Good standard, if the lubrication is poor or lack of grease content, it needs to be resolved in a timely manner;

  Second, carefully check the fluorite ore crusher fasteners to ensure that there is no fastener relaxation, if found loose place, be sure to tighten in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

  Finally, but also check the broken warehouse is clean, whether the mineral residue, if found foreign matter or ore need to be cleared in time. Make sure the inside of the bin is clean.

  Test Note:

  1, no-load test, to ensure that the part of the fastener and flywheel, slot part of the operation of a good state to ensure that the discharge port adjustment device normal state. To be fluorite crusher running for about 2 hours after the observation of crusher oil temperature situation, in addition, we must pay attention to the test process, fluorite ore crusher whether the friction abnormal sound, if there is, in time to find abnormal sound source, And then the lubrication of the mixing, the fastening of the fastening;

  2, when the test load, a closer look at the operation of the equipment, there is no cycle or significant impact, impact, etc., if there is a need to tighten the adjustment seat and the rack seat, when the fluorite ore crusher running eight After an hour, you need to observe the bearing temperature. But also need to pay attention to the test process, fluorite ore crusher whether there is friction abnormal sound, if there is, in a timely manner to find abnormal sound source, and then the lubrication of the mix, the tightening of the fastening;

  Put into production note:

  Want to ensure the continuity of fluorite production lines and fluorite crusher production.

  First, the operator should follow the direction of the process from the rear to drive;

  Second, in the process of running the equipment, we must ensure that the feed evenly, to prevent the broken strong is filled or no load phenomenon;

  Finally, do not let the fluorite crusher broken strong enough to bear the big material, put an end to the operator in the equipment to run to correct the location of large pieces of material in the crushing chamber.

  There are also users need to comply with the need to pay attention to parking matters, and in the fluorite ore production line in the actual work to do the above operational considerations, in order to truly achieve the benefits of fluorite ore production line to maximize. In short, as the user only strictly comply with the operation of fluorite crusher precautions, in order to ensure the maximum production efficiency of fluorite broken and the operator's personal safety. The correct operation of the equipment in order to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurs to extend the life of fluorite ore production line equipment.

  Fluorite mine crusher maintenance, can effectively improve the production of fluorite ore production line, fluorite ore production line machinery and equipment to maximize the productivity and maximum life expectancy, maximize the benefits of every entrepreneur's hope, but also If you want to achieve this purpose, in addition to regular maintenance of fluorite crusher, but also in the fluorite ore production line operation of the equipment in accordance with the procedures on the steps.

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