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Introduction and Repair of Cone Ball Mill

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

  Rolling mill: Introduction and maintenance of cone ball mill

  Cone ball mill repair and maintenance work description:

  1 To ensure the extension of the service life of the cone ball mill, we have to carry out the maintenance of its maintenance system to promote the optimization of its running-in maintenance period, to promote the improvement of the overall system of sealing to ensure that the relevant parts of the effective lubrication, Its run-in period of the overall system within the coordinated operation of the internal links. To achieve the effective maintenance of its various parts, to ensure that the operator's own ability to improve the work. Note that the working load during the run-in period is not to exceed 80% of the rated workload, and to deploy the appropriate workload to prevent the machine from working over time caused by overheating. Should pay attention to often look at a variety of instruments, if abnormal, should be immediately stopped to be excluded, the cause is not found, the fault is not excluded, should stop working.

  In the actual equipment management process, but also to achieve the active maintenance of rolling bearings to ensure that its related lubricant applications to meet the needs of its actual ball mill operation, through its use of grease lubrication link to meet the needs of practical work to To ensure the realization of the sealing of its equipment. In the equipment lubrication part, the grease is usually sealed in the bearing cavity force, in the application of the role of penetration, to meet the needs of bearing lubrication, and promote the smooth operation of its lubrication. According to the different working conditions of the ball mill bearing, the choice of grease to choose according to certain principles: bearing the load, the speed is low, the bearing temperature should be selected with a smaller needle size grease; bearing high speed, Light should use the needle with a large degree of grease; in the water wet or humid working environment, should use water, rust and good performance of the grease; in the dust of the working environment, should use thick Type of graphite grease.

  2 to meet the needs of equipment management and maintenance, but also to carry out its daily maintenance and repair links to promote its bearing life and operating efficiency of the upgrade to ensure the stable operation of its bearing operation, and promote its sealing to enhance Its active inspection of the tires to meet the daily management of grinding equipment needs. Pay attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal; pay attention to check the wear parts of easy wear parts, at any time to replace the wear parts; bearing oil temperature, should immediately stop the cause of the check to eliminate; rotating gear in the operation if abnormal sound immediately stop Check and exclude.

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