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Impact crusher flat hammer of installation and production requirements

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

Mountain equipment: impact hammer Crusher Board installation and production requirements

Impact crusher flat hammer of installation and production requirements:

1, flat hammer of inversed impact crusher is usually used high-strength high manganese steel, alloy steel and high chromium cast iron, malleable cast iron, or other wear resistant materials, in our country is the most widely used high fast cast.

2, impact crusher from the top acting input item and send it out to the top of the counter Board.

3, flat hammer shape handle common outside of the Strip, and t-type, s-type, and Groove shapes most widely used is long.

4, repair of flat hammer can be carbon steel with wear-resistant materials in the class of high manganese steel welding.

5, flat hammer of inversed impact crusher difference must not exceed 50 g in weight, otherwise it will seriously affect the balance of the machine.

6, to replace the flat hammer of inversed impact crusher, all plates must be removed with hammer for surface, to prevent the rotor out of balance and Crusher vibration generated internally, causing accidents.

7, counter-breaking opportunities due to hammer too tight and cannot be cast off during operation, caused the vibrations of the Crusher.

8, hammer and gaps between the grate should be consistent, not errors of more than two millimeters.

9, plate fixation of the hammers on the rotor are:

① fixed by bolts: bolt screw in the plate hammer directly vulnerable to wear and screws are easily broken.

② plate fixation: a hammer is usually from the side after the insert into the Groove of the rotor, plate clamping on both ends, the fixation of the plate hammer easy to loose.

③ wedge fixed: Panel by hammering wedges fixed to the rotor above, under the action of centrifugal force, will be more tightening, replace is also more convenient.

10, related to the number and specifications of the rotor plate hammer, rotor sizes greater flat hammer more.

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