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Low investment, high return project in the mineral processing equipment--mountains and heavy industry

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

Shanchuan heavy industry machinery and equipment of Hematite mineral processing equipment of Hematite in the content description, called Hematite, an iron oxide, iron 70%, and a lot of output, which is important to iron metal, can be used in the production and daily life.

Dressing equipment wet and dry, for for magnetic ore, wet method magnetic selected, magnetic field strength, magnetic separation device of process in the select wet material by iron ore stone powder, dehydration products get rate usually in 35% of iron ore powder Hou the iron ore ferromagnetic of method content, contains rate up to 68-70%, common of method processing ore rate up to 90%, reduced water, reduced cost, reduced pollution, magnetic separation device capture dust, and dust not has air pollution, this method is high production, no pollution of method.

High-gradient magnetic separator, magnetic field of limonite, mineral processing equipment of Hematite, limonite, Hematite mineral processing. Low taste weak magnetic separation of iron ore dressing equipment can be used by about 3-7%, a good solution to the traditional quality of low-grade ore dressing equipment selected Brown,

Low grade ore mountains and heavy industry company in mineral processing equipment and can produce significant economic benefits. For investment funds, less investment and quick results, a high return projects.

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