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K-feldspar mineral processing technology of new technology and new equipment

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

Review: k-feldspar mineral processing technology of new technology and new equipment

Potash feldspar in ceramic industry, ceramic embryo ingredients, ceramic glaze, solvents, enamel OEM glass materials, abrasives, glass fiber, welding electrodes, consumption is increasing in other industries, broad market prospects.

How can feldspar ore processing, better selection, and meet industry standards.

My company after practice, repeated promotion of equipment. Using iron-free energy-saving ball mill, from enters not expect iron, this ball controlled the process of k-feldspar in the sorting machinery produced in the iron content of iron, 13183011827 in the process does not exceed the standard of, thus greatly reducing the burden on the next process iron Remover equipment.

On k-feldspar impurities removal equipment, flotation machine, add anticorrosive equipment coating from potassium feldspar materials into the flotation machine for impurity removal in, avoids wear of steel rail in into k-feldspar materials, thus affecting the taste of the finished material to potassium feldspar 13183011827.

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