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Causes fracture reason analysis of impact crusher plate

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

Impact crusher bracket is a wearing part, which is mainly made of cast steel with high strength is not very material casting, bracket will inevitably break at work, elbow fracture directly affected the work and efficiency of the crusher, in order to change this situation, you must find out why the corresponding countermeasures.

, The host overloaded: Crusher at work, if the operator was overloaded by host, or ore's size is larger than the inlet, both of these conditions can cause fracture of the elbow, should the replacement bracket and control the feed grain, and to prevent overload of the host.

Second, low bracket strength: the device bracket material made of cast steel with high strength cast from, due to insufficient strength, when it encounters a non-broken, it is difficult to reach normal broken elbow fracture phenomena caused by the crushing force.

Third, the break of the tensioning device: If the tension device faults, plate out from the bearing slider, cause the flywheel turning breaker does not work, can also produce bracket fracture phenomena, therefore, should be replaced or repaired broken tensioning device.

Four, between toggle plate and brackets mat not adjusting balance: at the time of installation bracket, without bracket with leveling between brackets mat or oblique, will cause the elbow fracture, so when you install replacement bracket, bracket is installed correctly.

Five, spring force is too big: Crusher at work, in the face of spring pressure tight, left bracket without buffering power, resulting in a fracture of the elbow. The crusher at work, you should always check the tension of the spring, prevent spring pressure elbow fracture.

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