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What are the type and size of the crusher

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy...   Release time :2017-04-20

What are the type and size of the crusher, our mountains and heavy industry manufacturers based Crusher equipment technology, there are Jaw Crusher, Crusher if you need level will use the broken device, it broken than large, homogeneous granularity, simple structure. Able to handle large chunks of material, coarse granularity, usually above 8mm; products fine up to 0.074mm or more. Crusher types there are impact crusher equipment, also known as the anti-crack: 100-500mm the following items on a side, pressure-resistant up to 350 MPA, Crusher than larger, more grains for cubic; grain size adjustable, breaking specification diversification. Again a is impact type broken machine, and said business sand machine, applies finely different hardness of various ore, rock; is both at home and abroad building, mine, metallurgical, highway, railway, powder mill field and mechanism sand industry of core equipment; and is divided into 5x business sand machine, VSI business sand machine, PCL business sand machine, we mountains heavy unions according to customer of needs help select broken equipment of type.

Mountains heavy workers has two paragraph is cone broken machine and hammer type broken machine, former applies Yu broken medium and the medium hardness above of ore rock, broken machine force big, efficiency high, processing volume high, easy adjustment, using economic, features; which applies broken fiber structure, elastic and toughness strong of material; can broken maximum grain degrees for 600-1800mm of material broken to 25 or 25mm following of a broken with broken machine. Finally, our mountains and heavy industry on the roller crusher, particle size is less than 40mm, leaves the material granularity requirements 50 mesh -12mm of minor operations, feed particle size, expected size adjustable compressive strength less than or equal to 160mpa material can be broken. Regardless of which crushers can help us production, type and model number, but a right for our mountains and heavy industry crafted crusher for you!

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