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Hot blast stove

Production situation :

Processing power :Widely used in grain, seed, feed, fruit, dehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, edible fungus, tea, tobacco and other agricultural products, food, medicine, medicine, chemical raw materials, light industrial products of dehumidification, heating can also be us

Range of application :Is the use of direct combustion of fuel, the formation of high heat treatment of hot air, and direct contact with the material heating drying or baking. The amount of fuel consumed by this method is about half that of steam or other indirect heaters. Ther

Product introduction :Hot air stove as a hot power machine hot stove in the late 1970s in China began to widely used, it has become in many industries and the traditional steam power heat source of the replacement products.

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Product advantage

Advantages 1: reduce costs, the use of bituminous coal as fuel, flue gas black under the "Ringman 1"
JFJN series of chain-type energy-saving hot stove design coal for the 5000 kcal bituminous coal, old-fashioned soil furnace on the coal requirements are higher, you must use 7,000 kcal of white coal to do fuel. The furnace is equipped with energy-saving front and rear arch, the rear of the furnace with a whirlwind burning room, to ensure the full combustion of fuel in the run, heat loss is very low, the fuel burning rate greatly improved. Especially the whirlwind of the toilet set, so that the flue gas completely burned, heat loss is very low, so that the hot air furnace flue gas blackness lower than the "Ling Ge Man 1" to ensure that the production of compound fertilizer color is not affected.
JFJN series of chain energy-saving hot air furnace installed capacity is small, power consumption in the 5KW-15KW or less, low operating costs.
Advantages two: heating stability, improve the yield of compound fertilizer
Chain-type energy-saving hot stove for the automatic coal, grate drive, very uniform coal, thermostat only need to mobilize the throttle to change the temperature, so the furnace to provide the heat evenly stable, the stability of compound fertilizer play an important role effect. One of the main reasons for the impact of compound fertilizer production is the instability of temperature. Compound fertilizer production is high, good quality, chain-type energy-saving hot air furnace played a decisive role.
The main reasons for the instability of the old soil stove, the impact of compound fertilizer production are the main reasons: the impact of artificial temperature on the coal, the impact of artificial slag temperature, while the old state of the furnace heat exchanger area is small, it is necessary to burn the workers must be away In the furnace before the timely coal on the slag, a little carelessness will cause the temperature fluctuated, the impact of a few hours will need to return to normal. Chain energy-saving hot stove for you to solve all the above problems, to bring you high-quality, high yield, effort and worry.
Advantages three: to solve the problem of compound fertilizer and agglomeration
Hot air furnace after the compound fertilizer manufacturers test production proved: a large area of heat, hot air volume, greatly reducing the temperature difference between the first and last, so that fertilizer can be more easily controlled within the provisions of the range. Through the experiment proved that the use of JFJN series of hot air stove, the control of the product of water, to solve the compound fertilizer agglomeration of the major problems, and at the same time reduce the amount of anti-caking agent, on the other hand reduce production costs.
Advantages of four: a high degree of automation, reduce labor intensity
Chain row of energy-saving hot stove three automatic: automatic coal, automatic slag, automatic measurement, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. Do not need a shovel a shovel a shovel on the coal, a shovel a shovel out of the slag, do not need workers close to high temperature contact. Old-style soil stove on the staff of the larger damage to the eye, chain-type energy-saving hot air stove is simple, easy furnace workers to solve the problem of no one burn furnace. At the same time, the automatic measurement of the row-type energy-saving hot stove will solve the problem that the measurement can not be measured and the assessment is invariable.
Advantages of five: high-end auxiliary accessories
Chain-type energy-saving hot stove in the production process requires strict, excellence, from the steel, grate, refractory materials and auxiliary accessories, etc. are standardized procurement, strict control. Such as grate reducer, the use of Xi'an Jiaotong University 1: 6000 reducer, the unit price than the ordinary three times more expensive reducer.
Advantages of six: environmental pollution, safe and reliable
The chain-type energy-saving hot blast stove has been repeatedly tested to prove that the combustion is full and there is no black smoke, and the blackness is lower than that of the "Ringlemann 1". Combustible gas will burn completely and the SO2 emission concentration will be less than 900mg / m3 , To meet national standards.
Another chain of energy-saving hot stove for non-pressure containers, without any security risks, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Product introduction

  JRF series LiTongShi metal body coal indirect heating stove, after a lot of upgrading has reached the international first-class level.Combining burning and heat exchange as a whole.To furnace adopts the novel indirect heating technology of high temperature parts for heat exchange.Smoke and air along the body, heating absolutely no pollution.High thermal efficiency (up to 60 ~ 75%), heating up fast, small volume, convenient installation and reliable use, and the price is low (compared with a ton of boiler in the heating system is only half the price of the boiler heating system).High temperature resistant measure is taken, so that its service life significantly in comparing with the tube still hot air type, output can reach 300 ` C hot air temperature.The flue gas at the same time brushing of heat sink and the way of negative pressure suction exhaust, so the heat exchange area is not dust, without cleaning, heat dissipation performance and stability.Can use all kinds of coal and wood for fuel, and is equipped with a secondary combustion completely into the wind device.This furnace in all kinds of technical indicators have reached the leading domestic level.

  This furnace for hot air heating device, commonality and drying equipment supporting the use of various kinds of materials.Widely used in grain, seed, feed, fruit, dehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, edible fungus, tea, tobacco and other agricultural products, food, medicine, medicine, chemical raw materials, light industrial products of dehumidification, heating can also be used for the heating of various facilities and warehouse dehumidification, etc.

  Now this furnace has formed series, the heat output is (1.04 ~ 1.25) x 108 J/H, x 108 J/H (1.67 ~ 2.09), (2.5 ~ 3.34) x 108 J/H, x 108 J/H (4.18 ~ 6.27), (10.45 ~ 12.5) x 108 J/H, 108 J/(22.9 ~ 25) * H, 41 * 108 * 108 J/H and 66.8 J/H eight formed series products.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters Model specifications

Output heat

Output air volume

Hot air temperature

Coal consumption

Flue gas fan model














































Y5-47 2.8C










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