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Single cylinder cooling machine

Production situation :

Processing power :The equipment is widely used in dolomite, kaolin clay, bauxite, refractory furnace charge titanium, cement, limestone, iron powder, vanadium ore, activated carbon, coke, mineral powder, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, special cement and other

Range of application :The dry wet material is sent to the hopper by a belt conveyor or a bucket elevator, which is then fed through the feed line through the hopper to the feed end. The inclination of the feed pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material so tha

Product introduction :Mountains and single tube cooler for cooling from the rotary kiln clinker, and can be carried by a large number of high temperature material heat air absorption edges, makes into the kiln combustion air preheating to high temperature, to strengthen the ca

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Product advantage

  This series of single cylinder cooling machine is working, clinker in the feed zone have been raised many times, and evenly scatters, cooling air and hot clinker in intense heat.Especially in the low temperature zone, by improving the structure of the feed plate, decorate a form, and adjust the cylinder Angle and speed, to increase the contact time, clinker and cooling air control clinker movement speed, make the inside of the clinker have plenty of time to the surface heat conduction, thereby fully recycling cooler clinker heat.Product introduction Mountains and single cylinder cooling machine performance characteristics: from the rotary kiln clinker (1000-1200 ℃) by cylinder rotary drive adequately heat exchange, raw material and air cooled to below (200 ℃) of material, at the same time improve the quality of clinker and grinding.After the air cooling material are all into kiln, as a secondary circulating air, improves the thermal efficiency of furnace.

Product introduction

Technical parameters

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