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High efficiency inclined tube thick box

Production situation :

Processing power :Simple structure, easy installation, flexible configuration, no need to run power (with self-pressure discharge), easy to plug, good control, easy to operate and maintain the characteristics of

Range of application :FNX series of high-performance inclined tube thick box structure design is unique, give full play to the honeycomb inclined tube settlement efficiency advantages, small size, high efficiency, can be achieved in the same group of equipment classification a

Product introduction :FNX series high efficiency inclined tube thickening box small size, high efficiency rating was achieved, can be in the same unit for the enrichment of both functions can also be used as a separate concentration equipment use, simultaneously eliminating th

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Product advantage

FNX series efficient oblique tube densely box structure design unique, full play has cellular oblique tube settlement efficiency high of advantages, volume small, and efficiency high, and can in same group equipment Shang achieved grading and concentrated two species function, also can as separate of concentrated equipment using, has structure simple, and installation convenient, and configuration flexible, and run not need power (used since pressure row mine), and easily jam, and can control sex good, and easily operation and maintenance, features. In particular according to different mining with flexible configuration in the plant, without pulp gravity to plants outside the concentrated sand pump again after Yang returned to the factory for processing, while eliminating the need for pumps to water trouble, saving energy, is the ideal of mine heavy equipment. In conditions of mines, as well as in the high-concentration tailings in transportation, water factory direct, further reducing energy consumption and cost of slurry transportation and water conservation to create good conditions. Product introduction

FNX series high efficiency inclined tube thickening tank in the "settlement of shallow theory" developed on the basis of the settlement of a new generation of equipment. The device combines ordinary tube thick box and deep cone thickener advantages: less land, settlement efficiency; discharge high concentration. In recent years, are widely used in metallurgy, coal mining, chemicals, ceramic industry.

Product introduction

FNX series of high-performance inclined tube thick box is in the "shallow sedimentation theory" on the basis of the development of a new generation of efficient sedimentation enrichment equipment. The device combines the advantages of ordinary inclined tube thick box and deep cone thickener: less land, high settlement efficiency; high discharge concentration. In recent years widely used in metallurgical mining, chemical, ceramics, coal and other industries.

Technical parameters



Device model


Settling area (m2)


Overall dimensions

6700 X2446x3795 ( length x width x height )

Cellular pipe inscribed circle diameter (mm)


Exhaust valve diameter (mm)


Recoil water inside (mm)


Recoil water pressure required (kg)


Weight equipment (t)


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