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Tailings recycling machine

Production situation :

Processing power :Tailings recovery device can effectively reduce the loss of tailings, control in less than 3% (by volume) effectively reduce the amount of active ingredients in the tail water, a good solution to the tailings of the environmental pollution, to meet enviro

Range of application :Widely used in metallurgy, mining, water conservancy, hydropower, gravel plant, glass factory, coal coal preparation plant coal recovery and environmental protection projects, shield machine (mud purification) and other projects.

Product introduction :Over the years has been committed to the mechanical equipment technology research mountains and heavy industry, specializing in the production of various types of tailings recycling machine, first-class production equipment, professional R & D team, for y

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Product advantage

  Tailings recycling machine mainly for mineral processing equipment of the tailings of net again choose, recycling, recovery rate reached a new level, the effective protection of the environment and improve the benefit of its single machine production, unique way, (can also be used with the mill, grinding and other equipment supporting the use) the end of time to save the national mineral resources.With excellent material, only the equipment design reasonable structure, easy to operate with high economic returns, etc.

Product introduction

Efficient tailings recycling machine not only can effectively curb pollution behavior, but also can reduce the cost of production, greatly improve production efficiency, with low input, high output characteristics.The product is used for magnetite tailings recycling of process flow, do not make kuangfen loss, to make full use of resources effectively

Technical parameters



With the powerKW

Device dimension






1.5 4







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