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Zinc oxide beneficiation equipment

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   Zinc ore according to its different minerals and divided into sulfide ore and ore, due to increasingly depleted sulfide ore, zinc oxide mine development gradually by the people's attention. Zinc oxide minerals and calcium, magnesium, iron and other gangue minerals at room temperature flotation separation has been a problem. As the interaction between the dissolved components and the mineral surface, leading to mineral surface transformation, so zinc oxide minerals and calcite, dolomite, limonite and other calcium, magnesium, iron and other gangue mineral flotation separation is particularly difficult.

  At present, most of the flotation of zinc oxide ore flotation process, which is mainly used in the oxidation of lead oxide after adding xanthate flotation, and the recovery of zinc oxide is mainly used vulcanization, activated copper sulfate and then flotation Or after vulcanization with an aliphatic amine (primary amine) flotation. Since the amine flotation of zinc oxide ore is more sensitive to slag and soluble salts. Therefore, despite the large amount of research and practice on the flotation process of zinc oxide ore at home and abroad, it still fails to solve the problem of zinc oxide ore Low index, process and pharmaceutical varieties of complex, high cost.

  The zinc oxide dressing equipment uses a simple flotation process, conventional chemicals, and cost-effective flotation of zinc oxide ore is a very interesting research direction. Through a large number of exploratory tests to determine the amount of conventional agents and flotation process. The results showed that the zinc grade and zinc recovery were 30% and 65%, respectively, with Huangzhi as collector of lead oxide and amine as collector for zinc oxide, and the open-circuit process of priority float was 30% and 65% respectively. 200 ~ 1500 tons / day lead oxide ore dressing equipment, has been used in many mines at home and abroad.

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